Basic Information

Insulation materials for industry and operational installations for buildings have to fulfill further requirements as basis for design. VDI introduced certification of industrial insulation according to the standard VDI 2055 in 1990 with the central items of third party control of the properties listed in the product data sheet and factory production control.

Now these products according to the standards EN 14303 to EN 14309, EN 14313 and EN 14314 can be labeled with the Keymark, the VDI-mark or with both marks.

The QAC has established is a voluntary system, which checks the conformity of products with all declarations in the manufacturers’ product data sheets, and attests the conformity with a certificate. The tests are conducted by independent accredited test- and supervision bodies (registered testing laboratory) at least once per year. The evaluation of conformity is done by an independent accredited certification body.