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Insulation Keymark Conference 2016

The KEYMARK System – History and Future
Sören Scholz, DIN CERTCO GmbH, Berlin, Germany

 Harmonized EU standards for Thermal Insulation
Dr. Roger de Block, Consultant / Saint-Gobain Insulation, Brussels, Belgium

 Construction Products Regulation (CPR) and Assessment and Verification of Constancy of Performance (AVCP)
Vicente Leoz Argüelles, L&B European Consultants, Brussels, Belgium

 The Existing Thermal Insulation KEYMARK System
Erik Rasmussen, Rockwool International, Denmark; Piet Vitse, FOAMGLAS, Belgium

VDI Activities on Thermal Insulation and KEYMARK Website
Roland Schreiner, FIW München; Dr.-Ing. Ernst.-G. Hencke, VDI, Germany

Demands of Customers: Results of a Survey
Andreas Gürtler, FESI, Switzerland

Demands of Customers: Service Provider for Thermal Insulation
Thomas Ortlieb, G+H Isolierung, Germany

Demands of Manufacturer
Dr. Thomas Tenzler, FMI, Germany

Demands of Manufacturers
Dirk Vermeulen, Recticel, Belgium

The New “Insulation KEYMARK” System for all Thermal Insulation
Piet Vitse, FOAMGLAS, Belgium; Roland Schreiner, FIW München

Significance of voluntary certification
Eric Winnepenninckx, BCCA, Belgium

Technical questions of certification
Wolfgang Albrecht, FIW München, Germany; Alain Koenen, LNE, France

Demands of Certification in Poland
Artur Miros, IMBiGS (Poland)

Contributions to the laboratory day

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Insulation Keymark Conference 2012

Contributions to the 1st day

Contributions to the laboratory day

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Insulation Keymark Conference 2009

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