The tasks of the QAC are laid down in internal regulations.

Here can be found the complete new set of regulations for

KEYMARK 2.0  and


In essence they are:

- Appendix A: Checklist for inspection activities

- Appendix B: Requirements for bodies engaged in certification, testing and inspection

- Appendix B1: Activities for registered labs (buildings)

- Appendix B1: Activities for registered labs (technical insulation)

- Appendix C: Checklist for auditors

- Appendix D: Scheme implementation rules

- Appendix E: Fees

- Appendix F: Product grouping examples

- Appendix G  Minimum content of the KEYMARK certificate (KEYMARK rules) or - Appendix G  Minimum content of the VDI certificate (VDI rules)

- Appendix H (only VDI Scheme Rules): Scheme rules for products where no EN standard exist

Here you can enter the platform for internal discussion (for QAC members only)