About QAC

QAC- Structure

As a result of this certification manufacturers are allowed to designate the insulation material for operational installations by KEYMARK and/or the VDI-MARK “Überwacht nach VDI 2055”. The equivalence of both marks was fixed in an agreement of the owners CEN and VDI. 


The tasks of the QAC 

- Drafting and updating of codes of practice for the quality assurance

- Measures for the area of heat and cold protection of operational installations

- Acknowledgement of registered laboratories, inspection- and testing bodies

- Acknowledgement of accredited quality protection alliances for voluntary quality assurance

- Appointment of certification bodies

- Advisory service for institutes and testing bodies in professional and formal questions

- Supervision and checking of testing institutes and bodies

- Cooperation in European and international bodies for quality protection

Additionally, the QAC serves as arbitration committee in case of conflicts and complaints, which occur between participants in the context quality assurance.

Further information about the work and purpose of the QAC can be found here.